Score Prediction Rules
Points will be awarded as follows:-
  • 2 Points for the correct result.
  • 1 Point for each correct team score.
  • 1 Point bonus for predicting the exact score.
eg: If you predict the Hibs v Hearts result to be 2-0 and the correct score is 2-0 you will score the following:-
  • 2 Points for the correct result.
  • 1 Point for the correct Hibs score.
  • 1 Point for the correct Hearts score.
  • 1 Point bonus for predicting the exact score.
  • Making a total of 5 Points.
  • Postponed Matches will score 0 points.
How it works
The League will be run on the following basis:-
  • The League will run for a total of 18 weeks.
  • The League winner will be determined on the total points accumulated.
  • If Points are level then max points followed by average will decide the winner.
  • The League can be formulated in a number of different ways, however this is for information only and leagues are decided on the total points.
  • All predictions must be made before 11am Saturday (GMT) each week.
  • You may change your predictions as many times as you like before the deadline.
  • Games will be avilable for Predictions from Monday onwards and will be there for 5 Days. This may be longer for the first set of Predictions for each new League.
  • At present there are no prizes available, however if we can gain some sponsorship, we hope to offer prizes in the future.

Champions League
In addition to the main game there is also an optional Champions League – at present all players may compete in this, but in future this may become a competition that requires qualification.

Group Option
Register a number of friends, or work colleagues, and you have the option to group them together into a mini league of your own. This league will be visible for all group members and will not require extra user names and passwords. Simply select the Group button, once you have registered, for full details.

Alternative Tables
Once Registration has been completed, you are automatically added to a league based on the country you have given us. These leagues are designed to give you an extra dimension when playing the Score Prediction League.
  • Conditions
  • The decision of the Score Prediction webmasters is final.
  • We reserve the right to remove any team from the league at any time.
  • Any queries should be directed to the webmaster.

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